The history

Poletti S.r.l. was established in 1985 as Angelo Poletti & C. general partnership; in 1989 it became a limited Company

So in 1985 we started to promote machine tools and general mechanics engineering thanks to a long experience grown during the employment at the Minganti engineering department in Bologna and at the S.P.M. office (Mechanic Engineering Office), where Mr. A. Poletti is one of the charter members.

In 1985 the first office was based on the cooperation between a small office and a precision mechanics workshop in Imola.

In 1986 the company extended its office to four units so we had to move to a larger office not far from the first one. In the same year we purchased our first CAD software together with the first bidimensional design software in order to meet the market’s requirements.

After the enlargement occured at the end of the 80s we changed the business name at the beginning of 1989 and then, in 1991, we moved  into the present offices thus increasing both our staff -six units in 1987, seven in 1989, ten at the end of 1994 and twelve at the end of 1997- and our bidimensional design software.

Following the latest technological developments we purchased the first tridimensional design software in 1994, a second one at the end of 1998, a third one at the beginning of 2000 and some analysis and checking programmes at the end of 1999, thus enlarging our services and improving the quality and reliability of our projects.

Since July 2000 Poletti Srl has been accrediting the MURST Research Laboratory mark (Ministry of University and Technological and Scientific Research); at the same time we expect the ISO 9001 certification by the end of 2001.

The up-to-date technological synergies, the long experience in the mechanical field and the research of more and more innovative but cheap solutions demanded on the market give us the possibility to design and build machine tools - especially concerning iron, marble and glass industries - and automatic machines. We can work out full projects for screw machines, grinding machines, work centres, chamfering machines, edging machines, sawing machines, lapping machines, bevelling machines and so on, mainly referring to the machine tools- and automatic machines building market in Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardia, Marche and Trentino.




Certificazione 9001:2015

per la progettazione conto terzi di macchine utensili, macchine automatiche, accessori ed automazione per macchine automatiche