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The rack tool magazine is an accessory electrically and pneumatically controlled, it is designed to operate connected to and controlled by a machine tool or a working center.

The magazine can be installed both on the ground or on the base of the machine tool, and can keep 136 to 292 tools. Its specific function is to store and supply tools to the machine via a pneumatic gripper that picks up the tools from the appropriate locations and with speeds up to 70 m/min.

This is made with three movements controlled by CN (horizontal, vertical and 180 ° rotation). By interpolation of the first horizontal rectilinear motion with the third rotation, you get the exact path for taking, transport and deposition of tools.


Installation Ground/On Mobile Column
Cone ISO 50/HSK 100
Step between the tools 110 mm/Mixed 110 - 130 mm

130 mm

Number of seats in total 136 Step 130 H3200/145 Step 110 – 130 H3200

155 Step 110 H3200

164 Step 130 H3800

175 Step 110 – 130 H3800

187 Step 110 H3800

MAX Weight for place 50 Kg
Max tool diameter without adjacent tools 350 mm
MAX diameter oriented tool 420 mm
Max tool diameter with adjacent place occupied 105 mm Step 110/125 mm Step 130
Tools standard assortment for 145 seats 25 L=600 30 L=400 30 L=300 60 L=200
MAX tool length 600 mm
Tools center distance 800 mm
Radius of rotation Z axis 400 mm
Base Modul Dimensions W=1250 x H=3200 x L=2870 mm/W=1250 x H=3800 x L=2870 mm
Height of tool change On request
Speed ​​MAX X-axis (H)
(Max 70m/1’)
Speed ​​MAX Y-axis (VERT) (Max 70m/1’)
Height of manual insertion tool door 1350 mm
Door 1 Loading Place L / R
Protections Panels with mesh, door panels, closed panels
Dressing Tools Trolley 5 Places Step 130/6 Places Step 110


N ° places On request
Added Module Size W=1250 x H=3200 x L=860 mm/W=1250 x H=3200 x L=1720 mm

W=1250 x H=3800 x L=860 mm

W=1250 x H=3800 x L=1720 mm


The frame is the backbone of the stock, made with tubular steel has the function to support and contain the remaining groups composing the system. On the frame are fixed all the tool holders and the the electrical panel for the power connections and signal from the machine tool

Possible configurations:

Rack Tool Storage

L / R

H3200 / H3800

1 shoulder/ 2 shoulder

136 seats ÷ 292 seats

step 110 / 130 / 160 / 110-130

cone ISO 50 / cone HSK 100

door 1 place / 4 places

Dressin tools trolley 4 places / 5 places / 6 places


On request can be equipped with one or more trolleys for tools handling.

On request it is possible to use encoders for clamp.

• Tool tracking Antenna.

Protective fairing on all sides.

Adjusttable stock position.

Protection X-axis guide.

Loading door 3/4 places.


Sampling tool, delivery to the work center and storage are the three main operations for which the stock has been designed.

The horizontal, vertical and rotational, are driven by the electric motors by means of toothed wheel and rack. The rotary motion is performed by means of high-precision motor. The carts for horizontal and vertical movements are equipped with mechanical limit switch (puffer) and electromechanical.

The movement of opening and closing of the gripper is carried out pneumatically.

The gripper is equipped with retaining springs for security in case of lack of air or electrical voltage that retain the tool preventing it from falling to the ground.

On the rotational axis there is also a locking device that, in case of collision of the gripper in rotation with any obstacle, yields, preventing more serious damage to the gearbox and / or the structure of the gripper.


The magazine is equipped with protections that prevent access to the interior to people and things, these protections can be made ​​of wire mesh, Plexiglas or PVC to customer’s request.

They are composed of fixed walls and doors that open to the inspection and maintenance of the gripper and the cart, all equipped with micro switch that determines, when opening, the immediate arrest of the entire line.




Certificazione 9001:2015

per la progettazione conto terzi di macchine utensili, macchine automatiche, accessori ed automazione per macchine automatiche