The goal of the design, for Poletti S.r.l., is the introduction of increasingly innovative and more economical technologies in order to get to the lower costs of prototype stages and production .IMMAGINE
The Poletti S.r.l. starts with an analysis of the design specifications and product plan defined together with the customer and then move to the development phase of pre-study of feasibility. This phase includes:

  • Verifications with quantitative calculations through FEM analysis (Mechanica, CosmosWorks) or dedicated software (DTS).
  • Search for commercial components with its offer by suppliers in order to obtain an affordable solution, but at the same time reliable and consistent with the specific requirements.
  • Analysis of the costs of construction and design to provide the Customer with a realistic estimate of the total cost of the product and at the same time identify areas of intervention to decrease its cost.
  • Using the most modern hardware and three-dimensional and two-dimensional design softwares.

IMMAGINEThe aim is thus to obtain a detailed project that fully meets the needs of the Customer through which there can be the development of assemblies, parts and related components lists.
We will also offer to the Customer high availability and maximum support during the study and implementation of the project in order to solve any problems and provide clarification.
Our technicians are also available to monitor the production of prototypes and resolve any problems related to it.




Certificazione 9001:2015

per la progettazione conto terzi di macchine utensili, macchine automatiche, accessori ed automazione per macchine automatiche